my printing process



From simple beginnings - most little miss gee designs are simply drawn directly onto the computer. I then play around, until I've found a pattern repeat I love.


Once I've finalised my design, I turn my pattern into a stencil. This technique is completed entirely by hand. The design is traced onto stencil paper and slowly cut away. All of my textiles are screen printed by hand, so each colour is printed separately, so the design is dissected and a screen made for each layer of colour. 


Most of my designs are inspired by fabric already sourced from all over the world. I’ll also source trimmings – zips, tassels, pom poms, leather... all those fun little details that make the final product super special!


Another difficult process at times, the step where I mix the colours. Of course, I’ve already chosen the colours digitally, but mixing by eye, sometimes it can involve a lot of luck, but it makes life interesting!


The super fun part where the design becomes a printed textile reality. Each colour has its own stencil that is aligned and printed, one by one. Layers need to be lined up and printing as they should. A process that is quickly done, with hopefully beautiful and textured results! There’s nothing more satisfying than lifting a screen to reveal a well crafted  design.


Finally, I take all the lovely printed fabric, plus those trimmings and details, and stitch them into finished pieces!